3 Reasons Why you Should Have an Office Dog

3 Reasons Why you Should Have an Office Dog

Monday 01 February 2021

Bringing your pooch to work sounds like a fantastic idea, and we’re all for those lunchtime cuddles, but some of us may be dreading the thought of having a stinky dog in the office.


As of January 2021, dogs are now allowed at Eagle Tower. So, we’re here to share some of the benefits of bringing your furry friend to work, and eradicate some of the negatives.


1. Improves productivity


Workplace productivity is super important, for all business owners and managers.


Whilst many may feel like our dear doggies may distract even the most focused of team members, studies have shown that having a dog in the office encourages productivity. Lowering stress levels, and creating a more comfortable environment, having pets at the workplace can actually help create camaraderie within the team, building bonds where there maybe weren't before. This leads to improved internal communication - vital for any company.


Nothing like a cute puppy to settle (and distract from) an internal disgruntlement.


2. Work/life balance


Dogs shouldn’t be left alone at home for too long. Bringing them along to the workplace allows you to reduce the stress of having to leave them for too long and means you don’t have to rush home to let them out.


Sitting in front of your screen for hours on end, without taking breaks at appropriate times, can lead to eye-strain and migraines. Our canines create a need to break away from the desk for a moment, even to refill a water dish or throw a ball. Just be careful of where you throw it!


3. Better exercise and more fresh air


Following on from a better work/life balance comes better exercise. Our furry friends are going to get rather bored staying in the office for 8 hours, so it’s important to take them for short walks outside every few hours. And of course, this certainly helps avoid those little accidents that may occur too!


Taking a break from your screen, getting your steps in and enjoying some fresh air will all help improve that valuable time spent working, as well as improving our mental health and wellbeing.


We are all very excited to be able to welcome dogs to Eagle Tower, and for those who weren’t so sure, we hope we’ve shared enough positives to convince you to allow little Fido to visit. We cannot wait to see all the cute puppies and lovely doggos visiting us soon.

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