7 Ways to Reduce Energy Consumption in the Office

7 Ways to Reduce Energy Consumption in the Office

Wednesday 13 January 2021

In advance of Energy Saving Week, we’ve listed 7 tips to help you save the pennies while saving the planet from your office. 


Reducing your office energy bill doesn’t have to involve a huge effort from you or your team. Just by being more mindful about your energy habits can help you make the changes in your workplace to benefit the planet - and your bills. 


1. Turn your microwave off when you’re not using it 


According to www.thegreenage.co.uk, a typical microwave uses more energy to keep its digital clock on standby, than it does actually heating food! Get into the habit of flicking it off from the wall and you’ll probably be surprised about the difference it has. 


2. Get the brews in! 


Getting the coffees and teas in for your team won’t just get you brownie points as a boss, it’ll help you to save energy by reducing the amount of boiling water that gets wasted. By boiling the kettle once to create 5-6 hot drinks will be much more efficient than boiling it 5-6 times to make individual cups. 


Maybe you could start a tea-making rota for your team! 


3. Use light sensors 


Light sensors may be more expensive than normal lights to install, but they’re a lot cheaper in the long run. With traditional lighting, it’s inevitable that at some point - you or someone in your team will leave a light on for unnecessary hours, or even days. 


Sensors will stop the ‘have I left the lights on?’ dread that’s keeping you awake at night. They save money, energy and worry. 


4. Go paperless 


Take the plunge and go paperless. Using printers and scanners in the office, especially when used regularly, can create hefty energy bills, so becoming a paperless business will save energy and paper. Anyway, who wants loads of messy papers stacked up on their desk?


As we’re slowly becoming a paperless society, now is the perfect time to go paperless.  There are a plethora of online platforms that can safely store documents and data - so what’s stopping you? 


5. Upgrade your appliances 


This is another one that will cost in the short term, but pay off in the long run. When’s the last time you thought about how old your fridge in the office is? If it’s old, there’s a good chance that the energy efficiency rating is costing you a lot. 


Swapping appliances out for energy efficient new ones can make a huge difference. You can always sell your old appliances to keep costs down! 


6. Switch everything off when you leave the office 


Utility companies that offer free audits to help you spot ways to save on ypart from fridges, switch everything off at night. Ask your team to  completely switch off their computers and laptops. Appliances left on standby still use up to 50% of the energy they use when in operation. 


Appliances like coffee machines and vending machines also use up a surprising amount of energy when they’re on standby. Consider asking whoever used it last to turn them off. 


7. Get an energy audit 


Getting an energy audit will help you to analyse how you can save money in your office. There are lots of our utility companies that offer free audits to help you identify ways to save energy in your office. 


These are just 7 effective ways that can help you save money by cutting down on your office energy usage. To go the extra mile in helping the planet out,  you could start a car sharing scheme (when we’re not in the midst of a pandemic) - or even plant trees outside your office if you or a team member has a green thumb. 


At Eagle Tower, we’re always looking for ways to save on energy usage to keep costs and carbon footprints low. 


If you are interested in joining our vibrant community here, then please do take a look at our current availability. 


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