'She did it' - Joanna shares her experience of successfully completing The London Marathon

'She did it' - Joanna shares her experience of successfully completing The London Marathon

Tuesday 05 October 2021

Eagle Tower employee Joanna Kowalska was amongst the 50,000 runners taking part in the London Marathon on Sunday. We are delighted to share her personal experiences of the event here: 

"I have never done a marathon before in my life but running the London Marathon was my dream. I’ve been trying to get a ballot place for over 6 years, but with no luck.

"I never thought previously about running for a charity but it has honestly been a truly lovely experience. Without the Eagle Tower Management Team I would not have been able to raise a pound - they helped me raise all the money. How lucky am I to have such a wonderful people around me. Thank you to them and everybody who supported me! 

"I would also like to thank CCP for choosing me, for letting me represent you on the  London Streets. I ran the marathon wearing my CCP vest and felt so proud of supporting such a great cause.  

"My friends and family were amazing, they have been such a support and I received so many texts during the race - wow, it was special.  

"I'm not going to lie, during the training I would feel like giving up so many times and I have even been even thinking of "abandoning" running altogether. Although, I'm glad I persevered and kept going.  

"The whole race was beautiful, the crowd was amazing, I’ve never seen so many people in my whole life 😂 At first I planned to listen to music to keep my mind focused on running, however, I realised that the crowd was my music and it gave me so much energy. I have been so emotional during the race especially when I saw my husband standing and waiting for me cheering me up. Without him I wouldn’t be  where I am today.  

"I was crying on finish line when I saw the time 3 hours 49 minutes - what?  I thought they made a mistake!  But no, it really was my own achievement. And I can say that the race showered me with so much positive energy. 

"I'm tired but happy and although my legs hurt like never before I'm proud of myself! Would I do it again? YES, definitely! My confidence was very low before, but now I know that I can do better and I will. Next step The Ultramarathon!!"

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