Simple Acts of Kindness that Cost Nothing

Simple Acts of Kindness that Cost Nothing

Monday 15 February 2021

As the cliché goes: kindness costs nothing. Working in an environment where team members are friendly, happy and kind to each other can help to boost workplace morale, job satisfaction and reduce stress.  


It goes without saying that we should all try to be kind to everyone in life. But sometimes doing a small and deliberate act of kindness can make all the difference to someone’s day. We want to share some of our favourite acts of kindness that don’t cost a penny! 

1. Recommend someone on LinkedIn 


LinkedIn is a great place to give a compliment that will go a long way to a staff member or colleague. You can either endorse connections for skills, or write a recommendation. Writing recommendations will also show that you’re a kind person to other potential employers or clients. 


This is an easy and simple way to support team members by brightening their day. It’s always nice to reassure team mates that they’re producing good work, and are a valuable member of the team. 

2. Apologise to a staff member 


The best bosses apologise because after all, you’re only human! If one of your team members is upset about how you handled a situation, or you feel you’ve done something wrong - apologise. Although a boss saying sorry to their staff might not feel right - it shows courage to be able to admit you were wrong. 


Saying sorry shows respectful and strong leadership, even if it’s difficult or embarrassing. Whether you send an email, or a call is needed to rectify your mistake - employees will always be thankful for a boss that owns up to their mistakes. 

3. Check in on staff 


Mental health illnesses are the number one reason for long term sickness leave in the UK. Checking in with staff will help them feel supported and understood, while reducing their risk of burnout. 


If you have a very large team and won’t be able to check in with everyone individually, send around mental health resources as there are likely going to be people looking to speak to a professional. Pointing your staff in the right direction shows that you’re a kind and sympathetic leader. 


4. Send around a weekly inspiring quote


This one sounds a little cheesy, but what better way to motivate you and your team mates than by starting the day/week off with an inspirational quote? This could be a famous quote, or make it unique by sending your own words of encouragement for #MondayMotivation. 


Whether your team needs a boost at the start of the week, or are in need of a break at the end of one - motivating everyone with some words of wisdom can put a smile on employees’ faces.  Perhaps send an email, or keep one up on the whiteboard. 


5. Share unexpected positive feedback


By sending a short email, or bringing it up in a phone call - giving good feedback to an employee is one of the best ways to boost morale. If you’re creating an atmosphere where employees are satisfied and happy in their job, you’re much more likely to be leading a team that’s productive and hardworking. 

6. Host a virtual coffee break or post work drinks


As we haven’t been able to go on a ‘works night out’ in what feels like forever, many employees have felt that they’re starting to lose their team spirit. 


Host zoom drinks, a virtual quiz, or even a coffee break to bring your team back together and chatting about non-work stuff. This can help to strengthen communication between you and your team mates.


Being kind in working environments can completely change an employee's attitudes toward work. Staff with positive attitudes to work are more likely to create positive results for your business, team and clients.


At Eagle Tower, we love to see residents walking in and out of their offices with a smile on their face! 

If you are interested in joining our vibrant community here, then please do take a look at our current availability. 

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